Keep It Real

by Sandra Candy Morgan

Released 2016
Sandra "Candy" Morgan
Released 2016
Sandra "Candy" Morgan
This is a Gospel soundtrack with an R&B/Hip-hop vibe!
New up and coming R&B/Gospel Singer/Songwriter;
Growing up in Miami, Florida I was blessed to be around a different genres of music. I love hip hop, pop, dance, reggae, R&B, blues, country, rap, and a passion for gospel. I have a strong love for music, singing and praising God! With all the love I have to share I have always desired to do R&B as well, following a few steps of my father, Johnny "Camp" Keen Jr. I am now doing what I have been longing to do all my life, singing songs of praise, sharing my love for the music with others, and giving back what I have been blessed to give...Love!

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